Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Will Designs - Revealicious

Yup in only 5 days for 4 dresses & 5 new meshes. This one is called
Revealicious. Because it's pretty revealing. I'm so original with names *cough* Not *cough*
 I'm pretty proud of myself
& i learned so much while making this one Finally my dresses are morfable.
This dress is completely recolourable !
Note: please do not claim this as yours. If you want to use ANYthing first contact me

Download HERE

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

See-Thru-Me Dress

Here i am with my 3rd creation another dress.
But I actually learned alot while making this. Like how to make
textures transparant as you see in this dress!
Enjoy it!
Mesh: By me
Textures: By me
Note: I noticed a small mistake in the bone assignment of the mesh. I'm still new at this, this is only the third mesh i made. Just be patient with me haha. I'm still a beginner

Download HERE

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Will Designs - Starship Dress, Because it gives you hips like Nicki Minaj

Will Designs - Starship Dress, Because it gives you hips like Nicki Minaj

Enjoy my second creation, i'm more happy with the first creation
but still, Enjoy! Everything(the outfit + mesh) in this creation is made by 
yours truly, Me. So don't claim this as yours.

Download Here

Will Designs - Bubble Dress

Let's start with posting my first creation!

Enjoy! Show me your pictures wearing it!
Mesh by me
Please do not claim this as yours and do the 
other things you can't do. Same rules here as on the other blogs.

Download Here