Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Will Designs - Revealicious

Yup in only 5 days for 4 dresses & 5 new meshes. This one is called
Revealicious. Because it's pretty revealing. I'm so original with names *cough* Not *cough*
 I'm pretty proud of myself
& i learned so much while making this one Finally my dresses are morfable.
This dress is completely recolourable !
Note: please do not claim this as yours. If you want to use ANYthing first contact me

Download HERE


  1. It so cute that you make cloth with different meshes, well done! You have fantasy and style!
    P.S. The sim is so beautiful!

    1. WAAAHH
      ! thank you I work hard they aren't perfect yet tho i'm still learning! Next one is so fabulous hit me up on facebook :D i always show some pictures of my next creations there